2 Best Pizza Restaurants in Phuket

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The best pizza restaurants in Phuket are mainly found in Italian-run restaurants. The pizza restaurants in Phuket are many and sometimes hard to find and often away from the tourist places. Of course, the best known pizzeria could be in PatongKataKaron or other coastal places on the Island. But in inland areas there are pizza restaurants that are worth trying and they are often the best. Obviously, these pizza restaurants listed below have a wood oven to obtain better pizzas cooking.

Despite the high temperatures of 350/400 °C, the cooking process of the pizza in the wood oven is surprisingly short and allows to obtain the right mix between the crunchiness of the outside and the softness of the inside.

It might be weird travel to Phuket for eating pizza and not local food, but there are pizza lovers too. So, I also spent some time creating a map at the end of the page to help you locate these best pizza restaurants in Phuket.

Note that there are quite a lot of pizza restaurants to review in Phuket, and I tried some of them but haven’t tried a few, so this list might evolve during the year.

Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Phuket

Pomodoro Pizzeria

Pomodoro Pizzeria is an excellent Italian restaurant, well-known for its excellent pizza cooked in a wood oven. Located in a quiet area in Kata, it is known as one of the best pizza restaurants in Phuket, probably the best! The pizza is truly excellent and the prices are very reasonable, making it a perfect escape for lunch or dinner.


But what are the reasons why pizza is excellent? It is important to keep the oven at the right temperature, to use excellent ingredients and a lot of passion: Mario, the owner says! If you dine at Pomodoro Pizzeria please say hello to Mario for me, he is my dear friend, he will appreciate it!

Location: 32 Khoktanod Road, Baan Kata, Phuket, Thailand 83100

Open: 12 pm – 9.30 pm

Phone: (+66) 081 370 0235

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/pomodorokata

Website: https://www.pomodorokataphuket.com/

Pizzeria Agli Amici

Pizzeria Agli Amici in Patong was very famous to everyone but years ago moved to Chalong. The pizza restaurant is located just near Chalong pier in an ‘out of the way’ area which makes it relatively quiet.

The pizzas cooked in wood-fire oven are excellent, well-presented and these are surprisingly digestible which makes it one of the best pizza restaurant in Phuket. The excellent result is obtained by using selected Italian flours. Of course, a correct preparation of the dough and a lot of experience. Known for its excellent pizzas, Pizzeria Agli Amici is popular with both tourists and local Thais.

The pizzeria is run by 2 Italian guys, Michele and Jimmy. They are 2 talented pizza chefs with a lot of passion and determination. Obviously they are friendly but they speak strictly little because they are very busy on preparing the pizzas.

If you are in Chalong area, go to Pizzeria Agli Amici. You will not regret it and remember to say hello to Michele and Jimmy for me!

Location: 40/24 39, 32/9 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road, Chalong, Phuket 83000

Open: 4.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Phone: (+66) 076 282 172

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/agliamici.phuket

Map of Best Pizza Restaurant in Phuket