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Lover View Cafe & Restaurant in Phuket

Lover View Cafe is a simple little restaurant, tucked on the hill away from the busy Patong life built on a small pond which makes it very attractive. It may seem strange to you that on Patong hill there is a restaurant with almost 100 seats on a pond edge, but it’s true! Lover View is beautifully built on the edge of a small pond surrounded by nature. If you are looking for a nice relaxed place for a weekend lunch or dinner, this is what you are looking for. It’s not so easy to find, and yet, it is busy on weekends with a mix of Thai and expats.

The restaurant has a large dining terrace over the water. The terrace is the first place where customers chose for dining because it is very inviting. However, who of you would not want to eat on the terrace with a lake view! Furthermore, the restaurant offers more dining option seats on the pond edge, so do not hesitate to look forward!

The Food

Lover View Cafe serves exclusively local Thai cuisine and some desserts. The menu is not extensive but it is simple enough to meet our needs. They seem to specialize in spicy salads: Spicy Salmon Salad 150 Baht, very good and delicate taste. The authentic Papaya Salad Salmon 150 Baht, very appetizing and fresh. They also serve non-spicy dishes, including: the much-requested Fried Chicken Wings 70 Baht. Grilled Pork, delicate pork neck at 80 Baht. Fried Pork garlic-pepper served with rice, much loved by Thais, will you cost 70 Baht. Thai food is definitely good and it’s cheap.

Lover View Cafe serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including: Thai beers are 60 Baht, smoothies 45 Baht, soft drinks will cost you 20/30 Baht. They also serve mocktails at 60 Baht, cocktails are 99 Baht and various coffees at 50 Baht. Try the signature of Lover View Cafe: the “Mojito Passion Fruit” and the “Fruit Punch”. They are 2 very good and refreshing cocktails and you can also request them without alcohol. They also serve some desserts, including: the classic Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Instagrammable place

The Lover View Cafe owner not only built the restaurant on the lake, but also thought about creating some Instagrammable spots. This place has 6 spots to take selfie or souvenir photos. Thais love to take selfies in the places they visit, and they feel at home here. I took some photos of the spots on the lake.

The spot 1 is the classic net suspended over the water with a wonderful background of the lake. Thai ladies love taking selfie on it.

The spot 2 is the large terrace which offers a 180 degree view of the lake. So you have a great choice for taking your selfies.

The spot 3 is the nice Bangkok Tuk Tuk. Getting on it and taking selfie is really fun. Furthermore, you have a wide view over the whole lake. The spot 4 is the colorful barrels with a chair shape just next to the Tuk Tuk. It is a perfect place for a photo with friends or photo group. You can even sit and have a drink here.

The spot 5 is the beautiful Betosit red car overlooking the lake. In my opinion it is the best place to get beautiful photos with the contrasts of red and green.

The spot 6 is the wooden jetty with the kayak. This location is in the center of the lake with a 360 degree view. Here you can get unique photos with the Lover View in your background.

There are many exotic fish in the lake but fishing is not allowed, however it is possible to feed the fish. Seeing hundreds of fish coming to you while you feed them is really fun. The fish pellets is available at the restaurant, it costs only 20 Baht.

Lover View Cafe Photos

Lover View Cafe Contact and Info

Location: Patong hill

Address: 53/18 Hasippi Rd Patong, Phuket, Thailand 83150

Open: 10 am – 8.30 pm till late

Phone: (+66) 063 535 2221

Price: Cheap


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