Cityscape of Phuket

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Phuket Cityscape Photography

I had fun taking some cityscape images in Phuket, even though it is not a big city as Bangkok! There are some strategic places around the island for taking this particular style of photography. Most of the images in this collection are taken in Phuket Town during sunset or sunrises to avoid the traffic and tourists into the frame.

Phuket old Town


Two different images taken at the early morning on the same day in Phuket Town. I took both photos of those Sino-Portuguese architectures located one opposite each other in Dibuk road.



Two different cityscape compositions taken in Thalang Road at the early morning. Normally there is a lot of traffic in this road of Phuket old Town.


The Chinese New Year decorations at the Surin Circle in Phuket Town. The Clock Tower landmark had become a tourist attraction, also for photographers.


This is one of my favorite cityscape I have ever taken at sunset from above Patong Beach. I have never seen a such colorful sky like this before. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.


An artistic cityscape of the old Police Station reflected from a big window in Phuket old Town. It was surprisingly creative to capture this image with reflection!
The second image taken at the same spot but in another day, I used a roof of a dark car to get the reflection. Even the reflection is not perfect, it is a nice tool for creating fantastic artistic photos.


A hundred years old governor’s house image, at the famous Blue Elephant in Phuket Town. The old mansion has a fantastic setting serving real Thai cuisine. Blue Elephant Phuket received a ‘Michelin Plate’ rating from the new Michelin Guide for Phuket.


This is one of my favorite Cityscape image of Phuket old Town taken at blue hour. I took this image leaving the camera on the floor fixing the lines on the sides of the frame obtaining a beautiful composition!


In a wonderful day of the week, riding trough Phuket old Town, I found this fantastic spot with so many flowers on the ground. Yes, it is again at the old Police Station on the left, and at the Museum in the right side. I waited the blue hour for taking some photos obviously.


Another different cityscape image with a different composition taken from a hill of Patong. The fishing boats behind the Patong Tower make the image lovely! This scenery happens mostly during the high season, when the sea is calm!


Previously this wall was covered of many colorful ‘street arts’ painted by some Thai local. Following the death of Thailand’s much-loved King in October 2016, this wall was replaced by the previous image. This shows different aspects of the King’s good life in the sky, over the clouds.


I found this old house always neglected and silent but beautiful for taking photo. This house is known as Luang Amnart Nararak Mansion in Phuket Town.  So, I planned to come here at the early morning obviously. With the only light under the arch, and all the shutters barred, looks like it was an abandoned house. However, this mansion is not abandoned and serves as a gas tank company.

I had a nice experience in exploring all of these beautiful Phuket spots. Probably, I will visit these again for taking new photos. I really hope you enjoyed my Phuket Cityscape Photography collection. If you would like to see more Phuket Landscape Photography, check out the collection HERE.

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