Phatthalung and Songkhla Travel Photography

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A photography collection, showcasing the diverse landscapes of Phatthalung and Songkhla

Phatthalung and Songkhla provinces are located in the very south of Thailand, on the west coast of the large Songkhla Lake. They are close to two huge lakes of great natural beauty that play an essential part in the life of local people. I visited Thale Noi lake (which in Thai, means ‘small sea’) and the Sripakpra area for a few days in the months of September and October 2014.

Thale Noi is a vast freshwater lagoon, in the north of Songkhla lake. This is one of Thailand’s richest biodiversity sites, with many local plants, migratory and indigenous birds. In the summer months (January to March), when the lagoon is covered with red lotus flowers, hundreds of thousands of birds migrate in this wetland area to feed. This period is truly a must-visit attraction for birdwatchers and photographers.

I focused my landscapes photography tour on Sripakpra where there are many wooden structures with large fishing nets called ‘Yo’ in Thai. This is a perfect place to watch and to photograph beautiful and colorful sunrises with these large wooden structures in the foreground. To get the best possible photos was incredibly challenging as I had to dive into the lake with water up to my chest!

The lake is so immense that it is not even possible to see the opposite side. There are many interesting places around the lake for landscape photography, but first, you have to find them! For those who are interested, Thale Noi it is about 350 km from Patong Beach, Phuket. For more galleries, please check it out my Phuket Landscape and Seascape photography.


This was the most beautiful sunrise image that I took at Sripakpra area, Phatthalung Lake, south of Thailand.


To get the best view I had to reach some points by walking in the water of the lake up to my chest before the sun rise. Walking alone with a muddy and smelly backdrop at dusk was not so fun, but I had to do it to get the best photos obviously. In fact, my passion for photography pushed me up to this.


A warm morning light rise behind these wooden structures by local people called ‘Yo’ in Thai. Surprisingly, the glow at dawn created a great mood.


An amazing wooden structure with its big fishing net ready to catch fish.

Two different images of Water Lily flowers taken around Phatthalung and Thale Noi. This wetland area in south of Thailand is known for its countless presence of these aquatic plants which are considered as a symbol of purity!


This is one of my favorite ‘Yo’ image taken in this collection. Shooting from a local boat during sunrise, I was perfectly aligned with the sun into the net. Magically, it seems that the fishing net was burning, with the smoke rising up to the sky!


From the Songkhla Province I took a fantastic scenery towards Phatthalung. During sunset a storm hit the lake giving a nice light contrast with the Khao Ok Thalu peak clearly visible from afar.


I took this sunrise image from the small bridge at Lam Pam, square net fishing viewpoint, Phatthalung District. This spot is well-known by photographers, because from here it is possible to get a panoramic view of the plenty ‘Yo’ fishing located in this area of Sripakpra.


Dozens and dozens of water buffaloes of  local people which leave them graze in the swampy expanses of Thale Noi. Do not miss this indescribable scenery of nature with the Banthat mountain far away.


At this point of Phatthalung Lake the atmosphere was surprisingly dark and silent, despite it was already early dawn!


Just before the sunset the sky has become orange during my exploration at Koh Yo in Songkhla Lake. This was absolutely another interesting spot for shooting sunsets.


I took this image in the early morning, from the bridge near Sripakpra area, Phatthalung District. I really love this image, I quickly captured this one of the group of photographers into the ‘Yo’ net.


Three images taken early in the morning of the fishermen living in the villages close to the Phatthalung Lake. These local fishermen seem to have a wonderful free life. Unfortunately they spend most of their time fishing and selling fish in some local markets.



These are two of my best sunrise images of this collection. It was one of the most outstanding landscape locations I have ever had pleasure to photograph in Sripakpra area, Phatthalung Province in south of Thailand.


This scene was hard to put into words. I was truly amazed watching these incredible colors at dawn.



The first sunset image was incredible to watch the powerful sun light before it disappears by storm. I was truly amazed in front of this spectacular scenery. The second image taken nearby, a pastel pink color came out high in the sky making a nice atmosphere during the twilight before the night!

I took the first image at the Central Mosque of Songkhla Province, Hat Yai. I was quite lucky to get this amazing colorful sky at dusk. The second is a backstage image of me. I was sitting on a ‘Yo’ fishing structure taking the last sunset photo of my trip in Phatthalung Province.


I had a fantastic experience exploring this spot in the south of Thailand. Not only for the wonderful landscapes, but also for the culture and the people who live here. I can’t wait to experience this wonderful place a second time. Thanks a lot for checking out this gallery. I really hope you enjoyed my photography landscape collection of Phatthalung and Songkhla. To see a thousand images of Thailand, please do not hesitate to visit and to follow me on my socials.

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