Seascape of Phuket

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Phuket Seascape Photography

Seascape photography in Phuket has been one of my main goals since I moved here to live on this beautiful tropical island. However, this was my desire in the drawer, and it became true. Taking photos of seascapes gave me the opportunity to do two things. Relaxing my mind by observing the ocean breathing the sea breeze, and taking photos at sunset or sunrise obviously.


These are two of my favorites seascape images I ever taken. The first taken at Kalim cliff during an epic sunset. The second “The mystery” was taken at Pling island during low tide. It is a remote spot near Nai Yang beach in the north of Phuket.


Kalim cliff is a favorite fishermen spot for fishing. At that time there was an incredible red light at sunset with some dark dramatic clouds in the sky!


An abandoned Thai local boat in a quiet bay at night on the east coast of Phuket.

Two recent seascape images with different composition taken just close to Freedom beach, in the west coast of Phuket. The first image I used a low shutter speed to give a nice effect to the wave. The second I used a long exposure obtaining a very smooth sea water and some nice sun spikes!



Two similar images taken in different light condition at Rawai area, in south of Phuket, during low tide. It is the most amazing landscape location I have ever had pleasure to photograph during sunrises.


From the Saphan Hin Park, located in the East coast of Phuket, I had a chance to get this nice reflection at the bamboo spot, just before the tide receded.


A ray of sunshine after an intense thunderstorm creates a fantastic warm atmosphere full of hue.
This is in Rawai area in south of Phuket Thailand.




Three different seascape evenings, perspectives, and compositions from Surin beach, not far from Kamala beach. The first image, ‘Green stone’ taken during low season, using a long exposure to give a nice smooth effect on the clouds. The second image taken in a rock with a good deal of red seaweed, with some nice small sea-stacks caused by the waves.
‘Foggy water’ image, taken at the southern part of the beach. I used a very long exposure to give a foggy effect to the ocean.

Two different compositions and days around Phuket coastal. The first image taken at the old mangrove tree during the storm in the background. The second image, ‘Tranquility’ taken with a nice silhouette at sunset during low tide.


Eight different evenings, and perspectives from Kalim cliff, just next to Patong beach, in Phuket west coast. I used some different exposure times and apertures for each vertical images. Moreover, all these photos were taken at sunset or shortly thereafter!


A hidden and wonderful seascape spot known by photographers in Phuket west coast. Every time I come back to visit this spot, it makes me feel inspired.


A large trunk lying on Karon beach, torn away by the fury of the tropical monsoon. However, it was a great spot for sunset photography.


This was one of the most incredible sunset light before the storm hits the west coast of Phuket. I had not much time for taking some photos from here, then started to rain heavily. However, the sacrifice and passion of seascape photography was rewarded with a beautiful image!


Patong bay is a great and calm bay for the boats to stop as usual during the high season. This is a huge 4-mast sailing boat taken after sunset.

Two different seascape compositions around west coast of Phuket island. The first one taken in a hidden spot near Kata beach. In fact, it was a bit hard to reach this spot but not impossible. The second taken at sunset from Laem Sing beach when it was still open, but right now the beach is closed to the public.


The last two sunset seascape images with a similar composition taken from Ya Nui beach in south of Phuket. The first image taken on the right side of the beach.  With two rocks in the middle of the photo capturing the water vortex caused by sea current. The second taken from the left side of the beach using a long exposure giving a frozen effect to the sea.


I want to thank you so much for checking out my Phuket Seascape Photography and I hope you appreciate it. I spent a lot of hours exploring those beautiful and hidden Phuket spots obtaining a big satisfaction. To see a thousand images of Thailand, please do not hesitate to visit and to follow me on my socials.

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