Ya Nui beach – a wonderful tiny beach

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Ya Nui beach is located between the popular Windmill Viewpoint and the famous Promthep Cape in the south of Phuket Island. The Bay is very peaceful and wonderful, with its clear and blue-emerald waters. If you look at the beach from the Windmill Viewpoint, you will remain amazed by its beauty.

The small beach with its powdery sand, it seems to be divided by a rock formation protruding towards the sea that you can be able to stand on it. Considering, that from here it is possible to see the 2 small bays and “Ko Man” or Man Island.

On the beach there is no service of umbrellas and beach chairs. In fact many tourists bring their own or they stay under the shade of some trees. During the high season the water is very clear and calm, really good for who likes snorkeling.

Therefore don’t forget to bring a mask and fins, there is really a lot to see. For those who want to do more, you can also rent a kayak and reach the nearby island. The seabed is full of beautiful tropical fish and corals… you will remain amazed!

From November to April, the bay is sheltered of several sails and local fishing boats. However the scenery is so beautiful also in the evening when all the boats turn on their indication lights, making the bay very colorful. So take the opportunity of taking some nice pictures.

A few steps away from the beach, there are two restaurants serving delicious Thai food, fresh drinks, coconut and different kinds of fruit shacked at convenient prices.

Where to eat at Ya Nui

As mentioned above, there are two Thai restaurants nearby, on the street side, under high green trees. However it is pleasant to eat under the shade sheltered from sunlight. The menu is rich enough so you have a good choice of Thai dishes, fresh tropical fruit and some deserts.

In addition to this, don’t miss having fresh drinks that will help you to rehydrate your body from the high temperature. I tried different kinds of Thai dishes, they are delicious and worth it, so do not hesitate to try!

Helpful Points To Take Nice Photos of Ya Nui Beach

Ya Nui Beach is not big, but if you think it is small enough to not shoot different photos from some different angles, you are wrong!
I listed here a few strategic spots that you maybe do not know.

Spot 1

From this position, which is the easiest to reach and most known is the Windmill Viewpoint, right close to the hut. From here the view of the bay and Ya Nui Beach is wide and wonderful. So take a selfie or a memory photo to make jealous your parents and some friends at home.

The best time to shoot photos here is from 11 am to 1 pm, the reason is because between this time of day, the sun rays are perpendicular to the ground which are very strong and very bright. This is why my photos are colorful and bright.

Spot 2

You will find the second spot on the hill by the roadside that brings you to the Promthep Cape Viewpoint. Besides seeing the beach, from here it is clearly visible even the Windmill Viewpoint on the hill top.

Spot 3

The position 3 is located on the rock formation in the middle of the beach. If you want to take pictures from here, be careful when climbing up because the rocks are sharp. Moreover from here you have a unique view of both of the bays!

If you wish to make excellent photos especially when you are on the beach, I recommend to use a polarized filter, this removes the reflection and will saturate a little bit of the colors. In fact I use it all times and I can’t shot without using it.
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How To Reach Ya Nui Beach

It is not difficult to reach Ya Nui beach. Where ever you are, just go south direction Promthep Cape. However you will find indication signs on the main Phuket roads. Then direction to Rawai to continue driving to Promthep Cape Viewpoint, then you start to go down to the Ya Nui Beach which remains on the left side.


In case you are at Nai Harn area, continue driving direction Windmill Viewpoint to then continue about 400 meters and you will reach the beach which remains on your right hand side. When you reach a destination, you will not see the beach as it is a bit hidden, but you will see the restaurant in the left side and a small parking area in the right side. Well, so have a good day!

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