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A superb restaurant in Phuket Town

Day & Night Of Phuket is a superb restaurant and cocktail bar with impressive design located right in the heart of Old Phuket Town on Dibuk Road. This superb restaurant serves a wide range of elegant Thai and International recipes ranging from rare local dishes to Thailand’s most famous dishes. Some Phuket specialties are prepared with local flavors with a classy presentation. It also serves house-made Pizza, High end Steaks and delicious desserts.

The restaurant has 2 well-illustrated menus created by very talented chefs. The prices are reasonable, and the restaurant has a menu with an extensive and interesting carefully selected wine list.

Day & Night Of Phuket is designed with an impressive bar counter where the talented bartenders skillfully prepare all kinds of cocktails to brighten up your lunch or dinner. You can sit and relax all day till late evening in an air-conditioned environment.

Day & Night Of Phuket has two floors with several well-furnished dining areas with a 180 seats as well as being able to indulge in the atmosphere and decoration that will make many people fall in love with it.

This structure is decorated in an industrial loft style with the aura of a dated farmhouse, classic, fresh and luxurious at the same time. Many of the decorative items are rare collector’s items and they are very beautiful to look at. There are so many interesting points to be able to take selfies and photos to show off on social media as well.

The location

Day & Night Of Phuket is located within walking distance from the well-known Thalang Road and Soi Romanee right in the Old Town of Phuket. So it might be a good opportunity to visit both of these popular Phuket streets! Patong Beach is 15 kilometers from the restaurant and the Phuket Airport is only 32 kilometers away.

What we tried

After leafing through the well-illustrated menu several times we decided to try some new dishes that we had never tried until now.

Fried Dried Fish Watermelon (Royal Food)

Fried Dried Fish Watermelon is a refreshing appetizer dish served with round cubes of watermelon. It has a fresh, juicy and crispy texture. It’s good to eat also with spicy sauce. It’s good for appetizers. Try this appetizer, you will love it!

Classic Caesar Salad

Thai Basil Fried Rice with Beef

Braised Pork in Brown Spicy Soup (Spicy Soup Pha Lo)

Braised Pork in Brown Spicy Soup is a chef’s unique recipe that combines the Tom Yum and Chinese stewed dishes together to create stewed spicy stew. The chef will use a large three-layered piece of pork boiled with Chinese stew. This will be topped with Tom Yum sauce that is seasoned to be spicy. You can get both salty, sour, spicy, sweet and aromatic spices from stewed stew. It’s another dish that shouldn’t be missed. If you come to Day & Night Of Phuket, you must try it!

Beef Wellington

Premium beef tenderloin, soft and tender wrapped with sautéed mushrooms and Parma ham puff pastry on the outside. It’s crispy and delicious, served with potato mousseline topped with red wine sauce. Delicious dish that you must try.

Squid Ink Calamari

Thai Local Crab Paste

Thai Local Crab Paste is served with rice and egg accompanied by chili paste, including tamarind chili paste with crab roe. The flavor of this dish is delicate and good. A must try if you like crab.

Vincenzo Pizza

Pizza is baked in a traditional brick oven. The dough is a special recipe of the restaurant itself. Make the pizza dough soft and crispy in the same word. The toppings are topped with tomato, salami and mozzarella cheese. The pizza is very good.

We also tried 2 Thai local dessert which we love. Choco Lava with Ice Cream and Bingsu Bi Co Moi.

Bingsu Bi Co Moi

Bingsu Bi Co Moi is an ancient Korean dessert that has been with Phuket people for a long time. With the sweet taste of black glutinous rice salty taste of coconut milk is served with crushed ice and vanilla ice cream. It’s a unique and excellent dessert which we love. Eat together and go together flawlessly and let me tell you that this dessert can probably be found only at Day & Night Of Phuket!

Choco Lava with Ice Cream

Dirty Coffee

I would like to tell you at first that there is also a Dirty Coffee which is the Signature drink of the restaurant as well. It is a milky coffee served clearly separated by layers. The bottom layer is cold fresh milk, the middle layer is espresso coffee shots and the top is a fragrant coffee oil. It is served in a clear glass to see the layers of the drink itself.

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Day & Night Of Phuket Contact and Info

Location: Phuket Town

Address: 1/5 Dibuk Rd. Taladyai, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000

Hours: 11 am – 12 am

Phone: +66 (0) 76 219 788

Price: Reasonable


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