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The most beautiful beach in Phuket

Freedom Beach with the whitest sand and cleanest waters is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. The beach is set in a pristine cove surrounded by thick jungle and incredibly crystalline sea. Freedom beach is considered the gem of Phuket. The beach is located on the west coast between the famous Patong Beach and the beautiful Karon Beach. Despite being close to these 2 popular Phuket beaches, Freedom beach remains surprisingly peaceful and quiet. Its exclusivity comes from its hidden location and its rather challenging accessibility.

The best time to visit Freedom Beach is undoubtedly during the high season, from November to April. The beach is open all year round but boats only operate during the high season. Freedom is a breathtaking beach with crystal clear waters, white soft sand, and great swimming and snorkeling conditions. This is why Freedom Beach is rated as the most beautiful beach in Phuket.

What to do on Freedom Beach?

There are no beach activities because it is a hidden beach away from the main road, so it retains its charm. The beach is so beautiful that people just relax and enjoy the clear warm water as well as the tropical landscape that surrounds it. The landscape is surprisingly enchanting. Getting there early is a good reason to choose a shady spot and to enjoy the beach all to yourself. Take a walk on the shoreline looking at the various blue hues of the Andaman Sea. You will surely be amazed by the beautiful and unique colors of the ocean.

For snorkelers, it might be a good idea to bring your own equipment with you as the south end of the beach is excellent to see great marine life. The water is always calm and incredibly crystal clear especially in the high season (Nov-Apr). Lastly, enjoy the beautiful landscape and meanwhile take photos from various points of the beach to show your family or friends. They will definitely be amazed!

Where to eat on the beach?

At Freedom Beach there are 2 great local restaurants that serving delicious food and drinks at affordable prices. Both are located on the side parts of the beach, shaded by trees with beautiful sea views. Below there are some useful info of those restaurants by the beach.

Barefoot Bistro is the best restaurant located in the southern end of the beach, just under the tall coconut trees. It serves excellent burgers, delicious Thai food and drinks of all kinds.

Umbrellas and loungers are available only for restaurant customers on loan for use. Therefore, to take advantage of this convenient service it is mandatory to buy food at the restaurant. The bathroom is available for customers only, food and drinks are not allowed inside. It’s worth a try at least once.

Hours: 10.00 am – 5.30 pm
Phone: +(66) 081 370 4664
Facebook: Barefoot Bistro at Freedom Beach

Sea Blue restaurant is perched on the northern side, just before reaching the beach. It has a large wooden terrace with a breathtaking view towards the ocean. The view towards the sea is surprisingly beautiful. It serves mainly Thai food, soft drinks, fresh coconut, various smoothies and Thai beers at cheap prices. Both restaurants are only open during the high season, from November to April.

How to get to Freedom Beach: How to reach the beach.

There are two ways to get to this beautiful and hidden beach: by sea or by land. By sea, it is possible to reach Freedom beach by renting a local long tail boat from Patong, Karon and Kata Beach. Taxi boat rides only during high season (Nov-Apr) because the sea is calm. This is the easiest way, less tiring and most beautiful because you can enjoy the Phuket coast from a new angle. The costs will change depending on where you get the boat and it includes going and returning.

From Patong Jetty a round trip costs 1,200-1,500 Baht which is takes 25 minutes to get to the beach. Before jumping on the boat, please remember to negotiate the price with the pilot’s boat especially if you are with a group of passengers.

To get to the beach by land it’s a challenge, but at the same time, it can be fun because you have to walk on a small path through the jungle. To access Freedom beach there is a fee of 100 Baht at the car park and this gives you access to the beach itself. Please note: there are 2 paths to reach the beach (see yellow lines in the Map below).


Freedom Beach Photos

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