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One of the best fine dining restaurant in Phuket

JAMPA restaurant is a new fine dining restaurant of zero-waste cuisine concept, nestled at the soon-to-open Tri Vananda Wellness Community in Phuket. The restaurant is situated in a very peaceful location in Cherngtalay. Surprisingly, it’s surrounded by freshwater lakes and green hills in the near distance, just at 10 km from the Laguna Complex, near Bangtao Beach.

JAMPA has its own well-kept organic farm, conveniently at short walk away of the kitchen, from which they offer ‘farm-to-fork’ excellent dishes. Incidentally, the farm is also shared by PRU, the only 1 Star Michelin restaurant in Phuket nestled at Trisara Resort. Trisara Resort is one of the most exclusive and luxurious pool villa beach resorts in Phuket. Just to clarify, Trisara and Tri Vananda are both properties under the Management of Montara Hospitality Group, which is founded over a decade ago by Khun Narong.

Michelin Green Star award

On November 2022, JAMPA restaurant has received proudly the Michelin Green Star by the Michelin Guide Thailand Revelation 2023. Michelin Green Star are awarded to restaurants that are best in class when it comes to sustainable practices.

What is Zero-Waste cuisine?

JAMPA restaurant has a great cuisine concept of zero-waste. But what does zero-waste cooking means? Zero-waste cooking means literally have no waste left behind while cooking a meal. Simply uses everything and nothing goes to waste. Zero-waste cooking is an aware and sustainable approach to preparing meals that minimises waste and maximises the use of ingredients.

What is Farm-to-Fork?

JAMPA restaurant uses their fresh, organic products directly from their farm. The Pru Jampa farm is just few steps away from their kitchen. The distance and freshness are two primary benefits to this kind of business. This is what JAMPA actually does. Farm-to-Fork traditionally means the use of food that has been grown in the farm in which it was produced, prepared, and consumed either on-site in a single location. It doesn’t get more “farm-to-fork” than this!

JAMPA restaurant

Why the name JAMPA? Its name comes from a local flower found in Phuket, the Magnolia Champaca. It’s also coming from the name of the small village where the group farm is located, Pru Jampa. JAMPA restaurant officially opened its door on November 2021. The first thing you see when entering the restaurant is the bar with an original V-shaped counter and a majestic suspended chandelier. The team welcomes you cordially and then leads you to the bar, where you can enjoy lovely cocktails or wines before the meal.

The venue is very welcoming with an elegant design featuring about 24 seats. The wooden interiors with gold tones, gives a touch of elegance and simplicity. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and offer pleasant views towards the surrounding nature. There is also a beautiful terrace with comfortable outdoor seating. It’s an ideal place for a meeting with colleagues enjoying a refreshing drink while you are closer with nature.

While nature disappears silently with the fall of darkness, the restaurant magically gives a romantic atmosphere due to the warm lights. It’s the right place to experience an unforgettable dinner with your loved one or with friends. Booking is recommended. 


HIDEAWAY by JAMPA is a small open-air structure across two freshwater lakes at the Pru Jampa farm. After a wonderful and interesting farm tour, you can experience the dining with a set menu 4 courses naturally cooked over wood fire. There is seating for 16 persons, so it’s a great place to dine with your friends or colleagues. You can experience your meal surrounded by nature while listening birds chirping. The atmosphere is amazingly surreal. Booking is recommended!

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Extraordinary food of JAMPA restaurant

JAMPA restaurant is a fine dining venue. As usual, in high-level restaurants, you first receive a couple of sophisticated snacks before the meal. Snacks arrived as expected and these were superbly presented on a trunk with green moss. It was incredibly beautiful, so I immediately took a photo of it. It’s a complimentary snack from JAMPA restaurant: the team said! It includes 4 different snacks based on freshly daily ingredients from their farm. These were absolutely refreshing and delicious.

Daily fresh snacks of JAMPA restaurant

1. Deep fried Mexican Sunflower from their farm served with mustard powder on top (located in the center, red color).

2. (Sauce for flower). It’s roasted sunflower seeds with rocket leave.

3. Baby potato with piccalilli filling and sea grape (on top of the trunk).

4. Multigrain crackers with farm mushroom.

The JAMPA menu is well-detailed and shining with creative and sophisticated dishes. You can chose Menu a la Carte, Experience Menu and Hideaway Menu. For the wine lovers, JAMPA restaurant has also a great selection of wine to choose from. Red wine, white wine, and few Rose wines and Champagne bottles.

I indulged in a JAMPA Experience Menu which is a seven-course set menu at 3,400 THB++ per person. As you can expect from any Michelin restaurant, a well-trained Manager, Khun Eve, explained perfectly each dish in much detail. It was absolutely interesting to hear the detailed descriptions. Dishes started coming promptly, just at the right pace, so I didn’t feel rushed and I took also some photos of them. Seven dishes were indeed right as the plates were small and marvelously presented.



Hot smoked watermelon complemented by a layer of luscious avocado and fragrant Dhala flower. It was implemented the dish’s taste profile by adding a refreshing watermelon dressing and a generous serving of dried fish, made from locally sourced mackerel that has been hung for 2 months.


BBQ beetroot, served with an exquisite combination of pickled Jicama and fermented garlic. This delightful dish is then finished off with a delectable fish bone sauce that is crafted in line with their zero waste initiative. To enhance the flavor of the sauce, they dry and smoke the fish bone.


Hot smoked black grouper, served with Talingpling vinaigrette, and local macadamia sauce.


Savor the smoky essence of their wood-fired farm eggplant, elevated to new heights with a sprinkling of Dukkha, an aromatic blend of herbs, nuts, and spices that adds a delightful crunch and depth of flavor. The brown sauce, Rick points out, is made using salvaged eggplant peel scraps, adding: We keep everything and try to use it again.

Accompanying with a velvety water chestnut puree, adding a touch of elegance and subtle sweetness. To further enhance the dish, they’ve created a sumptuous vegetable jus made from the very skin of the eggplant itself.


Surat Thani’s wood-fired river prawn, accompanied by a delectable combination of Piccalilli, Cha Kram Thai local herb, crispy quinoa, and a luscious prawn reduction delicately placed on top. This delicious dish promises to tantalize your taste buds and provide an unforgettable dining experience.


Baked pink guava, served with homemade yogurt sorbet and topped with Tomme de chevre goat cheese shaving.


Barbecue Peach, served with creamy honeycomb ice cream and Chiang Mai rose meringue.

Lastly, I treated myself to a delicious Chocolate Bon Bon with Phuket pineapple. Phuket pineapple served with rosella power and ice. Chocolate Bon bon is made from the finest 75% Phuket chocolate, each Bon Bon is covered in tasty coconut flakes and sprinkled with fragrant nutmeg powder. An excellent sweet bite that amazed me by its delicacy, fragrance and presentation. The Chocolate Bon Bon is a daily complimentary ‘petit four’ by the talented team of Jampa restaurant.

The dishes were excellent, and the creativity of tastes and textures was pleasing and fun to experience. The seven-course set menu showcases the remarkable ability of Chef Rick at utilizing solely zero-waste and live fire technique principles and creatively using the fresh ingredients of the day. The culinary team of JAMPA restaurant is led by Chef Rick. Chef Rick is a talented and creative chef with ton of experience on his career.

At JAMPA restaurant the menu might change frequently, often from day to day, as it depends on the availability and variety of ingredients that he receives will depend on a variety of factors: Chef Rick said! From the daily fresh fish of the local fishermen, the fresh ingredients received from other suppliers, and of course, from the availability of the day’s products that Pru Jampa farm offers. It doesn’t get more ‘farm-to-fork’ than this!

Contact and Info

Location: Thalang

Address: 46/6 Moo 3, The Community House, Tri Vananda, Thep Krasatti, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

Hours: 12 – 3 PM, 6 – 10 PM (Monday and Tuesday close)

Phone: +66 (0) 76 342 122

Price: High

For reservation: Check for booking

Website: https://jamparestaurant.com/


Map of JAMPA Restaurant