Ratchada Noodle Soup 🍜 in Phuket

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Ratchada Noodle Soup Restaurant in Kathu Phuket

Ratchada Noodle Soup is a local restaurant serving exclusively excellent noodles known as one of the best noodle soup restaurants in Phuket. Open for more than 2 decades the restaurant is located on a side of the main road in Kathu. So, it remains clearly visible and there is also a parking lot.

Not far from Patong beach Ratchada Noodle Soup is a simple local restaurant with no decorations. You will find simple plastic stools, tables with spicy kits and small napkins. Furthermore, you will still find the menu in Thai language fixed in the wall. Despite this, the staff will translate the menu and will recommend you the best dishes.

The noodles are served in crock bowls, and you’ll use paper pads to sort the dishes, just the way great local joints are. You will notice that the kitchen is reduced to the bare minimum with some stoves with pots full of soup. It’s worth to look at it! Chef J’Nui has been cooking noodles for over 20 years and she does it with passion and with a smile on her face. This is definitely all about the chef’s skill! Ratchada Noodle Soup has nearly 100 seats and opens early every morning as students come to eat the delicious noodles before going to school. During the day the restaurant has the usual local guests and is often very busy!

The Food

I have often heard of these excellent noodles at Rachada Noodle Soup restaurant in Kathu but I never came. So one day I decided to come with friends to eat these famous noodles. The menu is limited so we tried 4 different noodle dishes. Dried Noodle mix pork and shrimp and Blood Noodle soup. Than we ordered Dried Chicken stew with yellow noodle and Tom Yum Noodle soup.

Just as expected, it was great. The noodles were truly excellent and delicate. I loved the Tom Yum noodle soup, a little spicy but very inviting and tasty. I was impressed with the yellow noodles with chicken, very good so I ordered another portion. The dishes cost about 50 – 60 Baht each charging 10 Baht for each additional ingredient. If you are a noodle soup lover do not hesitate to try these excellent noodles at Ratchada Noodle Soup restaurant in Kathu District.

I conclude by saying that the place is easy to find, the staff are really friendly and cordial. Excellent food at low prices. If you are coming to Phuket for vacation or something else you should add this place to your must-try list. You will not regret it!

Ratchada Coffe & Tea Phuket

Rachada CafΓ© is connected to the Rachada Noudle Soup restaurant. So you can order an espresso or an iced coffee after eating the excellent noodles. The coffee is made with a professional 2-group machine with the coffee grinder. Faema is a coffee machine with exceptional performance, ideal for those who want to amaze their customers with the highest quality espresso and cappuccinos.

We tried the espresso 30 Baht and the cappuccino 35 Baht. Both were extremely good. Rachada Caffe also serves other types of hot drinks, including: Americano, Caffe latte, Mocha and Charamel macchiato at an average price of 35 Baht. It also serves various types of cold and hot teas with an average price of 30 Baht. Ratchada Caffe is a great place to enjoy a good afternoon espresso with friends. Open: 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM.

Ratchada Noodle Soup Info and Contact

Location: Kathu

Address: 40/8 Soi Chumchon Ket Ho, Kathu, Phuket 83120

Open: 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Phone: 086 739 7456

Price: Cheap

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/PhuketNoodleShop/

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