Thavorn Beach ⛱️ in Phuket ✅

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The hidden and unknown beach in Phuket

Thavorn beach is probably one of the most unknown Phuket beach despite being located near Patong beach. The beach has remains untouched for many years because the surrounded land is private. Touched in a quiet cove between Patong and Kamala Beach the beach is not known by tourists because remains hidden from the main road and some of them do not even know its name!

Thavorn beach is surrounded by private land which makes difficult the access, but not for the guests from the exclusive Thavorn Beach Village resort. In this case the luxury hotel owns the land that surrounds it, which ends up being the same.

This quiet beach is home of Thavorn Beach Village Resort, and only the guests of the resort can enjoy it peacefully. The beach is totally untouched from vendors or Jet sky team because they are not allowed to cross the private land of the hotel.
For those who want to know, there is a hidden path to reach the beach but It might not be the most amazing beach in Phuket!

The quiet beach

Thavorn beach remain quiet all year round maintaining its charm and its fantastic colors. In the southern part of the pier the sand is grainy, but it is powdery and soft at the front of the hotel. When the tide receding, uncovers so many rocks. This is why Thavorn beach is not a swimming beach. It is suitable mostly when the sea level is high and perfect to go snorkeling.

The pier, which is owned by the resort, serves to dock some small boats to drop off guests who wish to reach the beach. This service is available especially during the high season because the sea is calm.
The beach is not supervised by lifeguards, except in front of the hotel area, so be careful if you would like to go there by yourself!

Some umbrellas and beach loungers are on the beach exactly in front of the resort, and only guests of the Thavorn Beach Village can enjoy these. So don’t take advantage of it otherwise security will take you away from the supervised area. Yes, they can do it!!!

If you are on the beach, and you feel hungry and thirsty do not snake into the restaurant of the resort because is not allowed. In this case I advise you to go for lunch at Rom Sai Baan Nakalay restaurant located on the hill, just a few steps from the beach. From there you will enjoy a fantastic view to all Thavorn beach. So enjoy the view and a delicious meal.

Photographing sunsets

Sometimes I visit the beach by the small path for shooting mainly sunsets. Of course, without going inside the private hotel land obviously.
Thavorn beach is not the best beach in Phuket for watching and taking sunset photos, but it is the only one with an attractive pier as subject. In fact, I use the pier in the frame as a reference point to get a nice composition. Moreover, the pier is an important freezed subject in the photo especially when I use a long exposure to get smooth the water!

Thavorn Beach Photos

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