Wassa Homemade Bar

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Wassa Homemade Bar, located high up on Patong Hill, is surrounded by nature it’s a bit hidden and offers fantastic views over Patong Bay. It was built in 2010 and today this bar has become very popular.

How did I discovered this bar:
Years ago I was walking in Patong beach and looking towards the hill I saw a hut that was lit in the evening. From that moment on, I decided to discover this place looking for the road using a map until I finally reach it.
A day of 2012 for the first time I visited Wassa Homemade Bar, the place was very quiet but what struck me at the moment was the stunning view over the bay of Patong, I was speechless. From that day on, I started to visit more and more, taking a few clicks and bringing some friends who were not aware of the place. Today Wassa Homemade Bar is the best viewpoint in Patong, it has become very popular for watching the stunning sunsets of Phuket.

Wassa Homemade Bar opens the gate at 4pm so it’s a perfect place to spend your free time in total relaxation. You can sit at the main terrace or at wood tables at the lower terrace and enjoy fresh drinks or some snacks while appreciating the cool sea breeze.
I visit the place frequently and I have a good relationship with the Thai owners who are always polite and ready to welcome me. This has almost become my “headquarters” and I often take pictures and time-lapse of the beautiful and colorful sunsets while drinking a cool beer or a fresh coconut and eating some good spring rolls…

Wassa Homemade Bar is a unique viewpoint across Phuket island and I highly recommend visiting this wonderful place with your camera … Maybe you’ll have the chance to meet me and we will be able to take photos together … See you at the Wassa Homemade Bar.