Patong Seaview Lop Mum 🍜 in Phuket

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A Great Local Thai Restaurant on Patong Hill

Patong Seaview Lop Mum is a great local restaurant, located on the hill boasting spectacular views towards the entire Patong Bay in Phuket. It’s not easy to find if you’re new to Patong, yet it’s quite busy on weekends with a mix of Thais and expats. Despite being on the hills just 10 minutes from the notorious Patong beach, the restaurant boasts of its strategic location overlooking the sea.

The place is nice and quiet as it is far from the main road. The view from the bamboo huts is surprisingly beautiful and adds to the unique relaxing atmosphere. Patong Seaview Lop Mum restaurant is shaded by tropical trees, and a gentle breeze coming from Patong Bay. The food is delicious, a chance to try some Phuket specialties. A perfect choice for a Sunday lunch or dinner with friends.

The Food

At Patong Seaview Lop Mum you can choose to eat in the thatched bamboo huts. You also have the option of choosing to eat on the wooden tables with your head under the stars. The second option is probably more romantic! It is a simple but rustic place. The menu is not extensive but serves a good mix of Thai food and seafood.

We came on a weekday just before sunset. The place was perfect and very inviting, but nobody, maybe it was too early. So I took the opportunity to take some photos! We indulged in some local fish and chicken dishes. The food is surprisingly delicious and well-presented. We tried some local fish dishes, including:

  • Fried Stripped Snakehead: Fried fish served with cashews nuts and pot herbs (350 Baht).
  • Fresh Oysters: Classic fresh oysters served with spicy sauces and garlic (30 baht each).
  • Lemon Steamed Sea Bass: Sea fish served in a hot dish with lemon sauce, garlic and chili (280 Baht).
  • Spicy Curry: It is a Thai local dish served with shrimps and stink beans in yellow curry sauce (70 Baht).

These local fish dishes were truly delicious and cooked perfectly well, retaining the delicate flavors of Thai cuisine. Steamed Sea Bass with lemon is one of my favorite local dishes. Obviously, I couldn’t eat it all because I wanted to taste the other types of dishes as well. The fish remains tender and tasty because it is steam cooked. Then it is served in a fish-shaped dish with lemon sauce, garlic and fresh chili. The dish is kept warm by a blazing flame below, so that the soup is steaming hot, and the dish maintains its warmth throughout. Steamed Sea Bass looks very good and is excellent. I highly recommend it!

In addition, we also tried various local dishes, including: classic fried chicken wings and grilled chicken with sweet and sour sauce. Both were very good and mouthwatering. We couldn’t miss the popular Thai Papaya Salad on our table. One of our favorite dishes that we absolutely wanted to try. Despite being a simple and easy to find dish, this was very good!

During the sunset we indulged in a fresh coconut smoothie and a Mai Tai cocktail. Watching the sun going down behind the hill as we sipped our drinks was a truly unique experience. After sunset the sky was full of colors and shades. Moreover, the view towards Patong Bay was absolutely fantastic, creating a unique atmosphere.

We were absolutely thrilled to be there at that moment that we will not forget! What was supposed to be a 1-hour dinner had extended into several hours of relaxing break. Try the delicious local food at Patong Seaview Lop Mum, it is worth try at least once.

Patong Seaview Lop Mum Photos

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Patong Seaview Lop Mum Info and Contact

Location: Patong

Address: Hasippee Road, Patong, Phuket 83120

Open: 12.00 PM – 12.00 AM

Phone: 081 797 4600

Price: Cheap


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