Phuket Popular Photographer

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A Popular Photographer in Phuket

I am a professional Italian photographer who moved in Phuket in 2011, and I have been living in this amazing tropical island ever since. During my many wonderful years here, I had plenty of time to explore and discover the amazing Phuket places. I now use as background for wedding, families, honeymoon and couple photography. And I will be more than happy to share my favorite places with you!

My style of photography looks nice and natural. I will take you to some beautiful spots most people visiting Phuket don’t even know existed. Let’s take some unforgettable photos and have a great time doing it, your friends won’t believe it once back home!

In those many years here, I have become a popular photographer for villas and hotels interior photography. To see my indoor/outdoor images please visit the HOTELS section. Also for weddings, honeymoon, couples, families, bachelor party, singles, portraits and even food. I can also organize videography services and drone shooting. I can even organize transportation for you! Just contact me and your stay in Phuket will last forever.


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