Rayee Beach near Kamala

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Rayee Beach is a hidden and unknown beach in Phuket, but it is beautiful to visit.
Located in the southern part of Kamala beach, the beach is not so attractive and usually deserted, but offers a splendid sea view.
It is in a small bay with views across to Kamala and Surin beach. It is not a popular beach and it is easy to see why.

The beach is quiet, being a hidden beach in Phuket, so many tourists don’t even know where it is. So, if I describe that this beach is just in front of the prestigious Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort in Kamala, I probably get the answer ‘oh yes, I understand where it is’. Maybe because it is hard to remember the name of the beach!

The beach, fringed with high trees, is long with grainy sand, but it is not cleaned. When the tide receding, uncovers so many corals and rocks. This is why Rayee beach is not a swimming beach. It is suitable mostly when the sea level is high.

The beach is often deserted though, but sometimes you can meet some local people or some taxi drivers that are waiting to pick up tourists from the surrounding resorts.
Walking along this beach you will find, under the high trees, some swings and hammocks. So, try them it is fun and take some photos or selfies at the sunset.

How To Reach Rayee Beach

It is simple to reach Rayee beach… from Patong beach follow the direction to Kamala beach.
At the bottom of the hill, you will see the Oceana Resort Phuket and a road on your left named (Nakha Lay Road).
Follow the indication for Hyatt Regency Phuket resort, but you will reach the beach just 1.5 kilometers from that intersection. So, enjoy your day!
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