Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

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4 days at the exclusive Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang Beach is a luxurious 5-star hotel right on Nai Yang Beach. Nai Yang beach is very beautiful and peaceful. In addition, the beach is located near the beautiful Sirinat Natural Park. The resort is located in the southern part of Nai Yang beach, in a sandy and quiet bay. Despite the Phuket airport is a few kilometers from the hotel, the noise of the planes is not annoying. So don’t worry!

Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang is a beautifully designed exclusive beachfront hotel. It is perfect for families, groups and also for couples looking for tranquility. Of course, it is also an excellent resort for young people who want to spend a dream holiday. Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang has 180 rooms with many room types to choose from. Most of the rooms have a pool view and some have a sea view. In addition, the villas with a private pool are located right on the beachfront!

There is one immense swimming pool for guests that winds its way through the resort. There are 2 restaurants, a bar, a well-equipped gym and even a kids’ club. Of course, an excellent wellness center is also available.

Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang Resort is a hotel awarded by Thailand’s Safety & Health Administration SHA Plus+ certification from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

2 restaurants and 2 bars

Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang has 2 superb restaurants. The well-known Big Fish restaurant with a stunning beachfront location. The Andaman Kitchen restaurant is located in the heart of the hotel. Both are 2 excellent restaurants but with 2 different concepts. The Big Fish bar is located beside the Big Fish restaurant, both facing Nai Yang beach.

Big Fish restaurant

Big Fish & Grill is the famous restaurant of Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang. This restaurant has a simple design with comfortable sofas and dining tables with a large transparent glass window. Its location is right on the beachfront. Therefore, the view towards the sea is surprisingly wonderful but not from all tables. So I recommend you to arrive early to get the table with the best view towards the ocean. Moreover, it has a choice of outdoor and indoor dining options. The Big Fish & Grill restaurant serves international and western dishes. The tasty grilled meat and fish are certainly the most popular dishes.

During my stay at the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang I have tried different dishes, both meat and fish. These were all surprisingly great. I have tried Risotto seafood with fresh rocket. Very good and delicate. Absolutely to try if you are a risotto lover. An Australian beef fillet (180 grams) with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Very tender and tasty!

The next day for lunch I have tried the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang salad. I was truly amazed by the goodness of this dish because it remains delicate and light. The dish consists of really good and fresh ingredients. Grilled shrimps, Feta cheese, Pomelo, Mango, Lettuce with pineapple chilli pepper dressing. Highly recommended! Then I have tried 2 fish dishes. Andaman Seafood Paella. Served in the saucepan with a unique scent and a flavor of the sea. Then Nai Yang’s grilled squid with stir-fried potatoes. A must try as both fish dishes were excellent.

In these 4 days of vacation the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang has launched 8 new delicious fish and meat dishes. I had the opportunity to shot around the resort. Furthermore, I was the first person to taste new food menu at Big Fish restaurant. Finally I had a great experience and it was fun too!

Here are the names and photos of the dishes. Thai figs and Parma ham, Pappardelle with lobster, Catalonia Surf and Turf and Anchan Octopus. Then Cream Soup Dubarry with Prawn Dumpling, Oven Roasted Pumpkin, Pulled Duck Cannelloni and Sangria Salmon. These 8 excellent new dishes are available on the dinner menu. So don’t hesitate to try.


Chef de cuisine Kai Kauder is at the helm of the Big Fish restaurant. He specializes in home cooking, preparing simple and excellent dishes with care and passion with his talented team.

The restaurant menu is very vast. It starts with the tasty appetizers and delicious seafood courses. Continuing with the excellent grilled meat and fresh fish. I highly recommend you to try the excellent grilled fish or meat. These are really delicious and you will surely be satisfied. Of course, sweets are also available.

The Andaman Kitchen

The Andaman Kitchen restaurant is located in the heart of the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang. The restaurant is larger and very welcoming. In fact, it has many seats both indoors and outdoors. This all day dining restaurant serves mainly Thai and International buffet cuisines during peak season.

I wanted to try some authentic Thai dishes but during my stay the restaurant was only open for breakfast, the reason of course was the COVID-19 restriction imposed by the hotel. Despite this, the morning begins with a rich breakfast with a wide choice of dishes to choose from. The breakfast is of course a buffet. So I tried the excellent crab curry on top of omelette. This was surprisingly great! Furthermore, there were various Thai and international dishes. There were also delicious desserts and fresh tropical fruit and much more.

Big Fish Bar

The Big Fish bar sits right between the large pool and the beach. It has comfortable chairs and tables. There are also soft red cushions to sit right in the garden overlooking the sea.

The bar serves fantastic cocktails, different types of beers and wines. You can also choose between various types of Rum and Whiskey. The bartenders are really good at making cocktails. So order a couple to see their ability. I tried the classic Mojito and a non-alcoholic Mango Tea. Both really good and refreshing.

Drinks are also served by the pool. So don’t hesitate to order finger food menu and remember you’re on vacation! A pool table is also available at the bar. I wanted to play a bit but I didn’t have time!

The pool

The exclusive Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang has a beautiful swimming pool. The pool has a horseshoe shape that winds throughout the hotel. In fact, doing it all by swimming you can see the rooms that overlook the pool.

At first glance it seems that there are more pools but it is only one because it is not possible to see it at all. The Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang has really big swimming pool. In fact, it takes tens of minutes to swim from left building to the end of another building. I visited it through the well-kept hotel garden. I chose this way because I had to take pictures of course.

The central part of the swimming pool faces perfectly towards Nai Yang beach. From this point the sea view is truly impressive! Furthermore, by the pool there are loungers with umbrellas available for guests. So choose one and enjoy.

The Rooms

I stayed in the beautiful Garden Cabana Pool Access room. This room type at the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang has a modern Thai style and is well-furnished. It also has a small garden with a private cabana and direct access to the swimming pool.

The amenities list is impressive. Really there is everything! The room has a comfortable king-size bed, a large TV with many channels and really fast WI-FI. However, which room in a 5-star resort does not have a TV and WI-FI nowadays!

The bathroom is large and well-lit. Furthermore, there is also a great bathtub.


I was impressed by the many plugs in the room. There are also 2 USB plugs in the walls. I even took a picture of it! They were very useful for me because I had a lot of photography equipment and more. For example: phone, gimbal, power bank, laptop and led lamp with 2 batteries. It might seem trivial but for travelers who have this equipment the USB plugs in the rooms are very useful.

Quan Spa

Quan Spa is located in a quiet location of the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang and has 5 treatment rooms for instant relaxation. The treatments list is really wide with different duration times. The duration obviously varies from the type of massage you choose!

I absolutely needed a massage after a busy day of photography. In fact, I chose a 60-minute of aromatherapy massage with essential oils. At the end of the massage I felt like new, practically rejuvenated! I must point out that therapists are really skilled with precise pressure, just as required. I strongly recommend that you book in advance even immediately after breakfast. Especially if the weather is cloudy because guests may have the same idea as you.

Romantic dinner on the beach

All of us love to dine on the beach especially with a loved one. At the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang you can indulge in the most romantic private dinner ever. Furthermore, dining under the stars and with your feet in the sand is absolutely pleasant. You will also be shocked when you will see the romantic dinner set up on the beach. I also took a photo of a young couple. Obviously asking a permission. At that moment I was really excited just to make a simple click! For more information please contact the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang here.

What to do at low tide

The superb Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang Beach suffers from the phenomenon of low tide. All of this because the hotel is secluded in a shallow area in Nai Yang Bay. Surely you will think it is a bad factor but it is not! Now I’ll tell you what you can do at low tide. Personally I found 5 fun things to do: let’s see them together!

1– During low tide you will find some areas near the resort’s swing with little water. Go there with your friend or partner and try taking photos capturing the reflection of the subject in the water. Feel free to use your mobile phone which is easy and faster.

2– On the left side of the bay exactly under the trees you will find many crabs. They are commonly known as the Fiddler Crabs due to the particular size of one of the claws. In fact, one of the 2 is considerably more developed than the other. This is rhythmically stirred up and down in the course of social interactions and mating. Approach calmly so you will be able to take photos and videos without them escaping into their barrows. These little crabs are really funny.

3– The left side of the bay is also an excellent habitat for the Ghost Crab. These Ghost Crabs are very wary and they take refuge in their burrows as soon as they see you arriving. It sounds amazing but these crabs run faster than you! It is difficult to photograph them! But I photographed one after waiting tens of minutes near the burrow. Try it yourself and if you can photograph one please let me know. See the map location here

4– Also in this area and obviously during low tide you will find many drawings on the sand. They are ball designs created by Sand Bubbler Crabs. But why do they make these balls? These little crabs clean up the sand by separating it grain by grain. Then, once the food has been detached from it, it is gathered and deposited on the water’s edge in the form of small spheres. Creating really special designs! So look for the design you like best and take a picture of it. They really look like art works.

5– Visit the Pling island or Koh Pling in Thai. This small uninhabited islet is located exactly a couple of hundred meters from the Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang. Furthermore, it can only be reached when the tide is low.

The best times to visit this remote area is late in the morning and during sunset, hoping that the tide is obviously low. So don’t forget to bring your camera or mobile with you. From this suggestive area the sunsets are truly breathtaking. Then take photos to remember the best moments of your vacation. Remember that a photo not taken is a memory that is not there!

Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang is the only resort in Phuket that has these characteristics. I hope my info is useful for you for your future vacation at this fantastic beachfront hotel. See the map location here

The crew

Phuket Marriott, Nai Yang crew is highly trained. Plus they are genuinely friendly and polite, greeting you by name every time they see you with a natural smile on his face of course! From the chef to the managers, from the security to the lifeguards. They also speak English well. All this makes you feel like you are at home!

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Range: 5-star Hotel

Location: Nai Yang Beach

Address: 92, 92/1 Moo 3 Tambol Sakoo, Amphur, Talang, Phuket 83110

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