11 Best Beaches ⛱️ for Low Season in Phuket

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What are the best beaches in low season in Phuket?

During the low season, April to October, the sea on the west coast of Phuket is often rough by the southwest monsoons, limiting the place for swimming. It can be disappointing to schedule your beach plan. Unfortunately, the west coast is where the most beautiful beaches with white soft sand and clear waters are located. No one wants to give up staying in the hotel for the entire vacation. Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches, probably more than anything else. But, which beach is great to swim safely in low season in Phuket?

I often get questions from my Facebook and Instagram readers, which beach I should go to swim safely during the low season. Since I know the beaches of Phuket very well, I decided to write this page to help you locate these great places. Phuket is quite big Island, measuring in length 48 km and width 21 km. To reach those beaches you need transportation because those places can simply be far away from your hotel. Some of these beaches can be rocky or even hidden and hard to reach, but it’s worth to go than no beach!

Generally, in the low season, the ocean condition is much better on those beaches, but it doesn’t mean that you should not keep caution. These beaches do not have a lifeguard station. Unfortunately, all of those listed below doesn’t have even 1. Below I listed 10 best beaches without dangerous waves in Phuket during the low season. At the end of the page I also added a map to help you locate these beautiful places in Phuket.

Where to swim safely during the low season in Phuket

1. Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach is one of the best beaches with good swimming conditions during the low season in Phuket. This beach is located in the Panwa peninsula, in Phuket east coast. Surprisingly, it remains calm all year round, so it retains its charm. This beautiful sandy beach also offers shelter to so many boats anchored in this turquoise bay. Several hotels, restaurants and bars are located along the beach, serving delicious Thai and International cuisine, and refreshing cocktails.

2. Heeowhat Beach

Probably, you never heard Heeowhat Beach in Phuket. This hidden beach is very peaceful, with tall palm trees near Cape Panwa on the east coast of Phuket. It is simply home to the luxurious Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort. The beach is shallow, and the seabed can emerge at low tide. There is a coral reef out away from the beach, which could provide some mediocre snorkeling. Here is a helpful App called ‘Tides’ to check the sea level.

3. Makham Beach

Makham Beach is 700 meters of sandy beach north of Heeowhat Beach on Panwa Peninsula in Phuket. This unknown beach lined by tall palm trees has white and soft sand and turquoise water. It’s great for kayakying and even for a short swim. This beach is shallow and it suffers during the low tide. A mix of sand and mud will emerge, but no worries, high tide will come back again. The beach is home of the Phuket Panwa Beachfront resort. The Italian restaurant of the hotel is frequently mentioned as being fantastic.

4. Khao Khad Beach

Khao Khad Beach is a tranquil Phuket beach well visible from the beautiful Khao Khad Viewpoint. It is located on the east coast of Panwa Peninsula facing west. This remote beach is not a great swimming beach because the seabed is covered with dead coral. But, it could be an alternative to spend the day during the low season away from the west coast hits by high waves. Several restaurants and bars are located along the beach, serving delicious Thai cuisine and refreshing cocktails at affordable prices.

5. Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches with good swimming conditions during the low season. This hidden beach is located close to the beautiful Freedom Beach and the famous Patong Beach on the west coast of Phuket. Paradise Beach is also on the list of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Phuket. Entering to the beach there is a small entry fee of 100 Baht. The place is plenty of loungers and umbrellas by the sea. A bar and a restaurant are serving great food and drinks at affordable prices.

6. Tri Trang Beach

Being as a hidden beach, Tri Trang Beach is relatively quiet all year round despite is located just a few km away from Patong Beach. This beach is very close to Merlin Beach and the beautiful Freedom Beach. Blessed by peace, the beach is great for swimming during the low season if the tide is high. The beach is shaded by tall coconut trees and Casuarina pines and blessed by turquoise waters. There are no bars and restaurants on the beach, so it retains its charm. Few restaurants are located across the road on the hill to reach Paradice Beach.

7. Layan Beach

Layan Beach is located exactly to north of the beautiful Bangtao Beach. There are also some superb resorts to stay nearby as Banyan Tree Phuket and Anantara Layan Phuket. Layan Beach is part of the Sirinat National Park, so it remains quiet all year round. Koh Kala is a small island located at its northern end offering shelter to swim during the low season. Despite that, remember to use always your common sense and stay safe!

8. Pleum Suk Beach

Pleum Suk Beach is an unknown beach by tourists located in Koh Sirey, on the east coast of Phuket. This remote sandy beach is generally deserted all year round. It is a shallow beach and the water is not as clear as the sea on west coast. In the low season it’s safely to jump in the water and there are no waves at all. This area keeps the atmosphere as was Phuket 40 years ago.

9. Laem Naga Beach

Laem Nga Beach is a little hidden gem in Koh Sirey, on the east coast of Phuket. The beach is shallow and it’s not suitable for swimming especially during low tide. In addition, the low tide reveals mostly a rocky landscape, dead corals and sandy spots. Fringed by Causarina pines, this lesser-known beach is mainly frequented by Thai locals who enjoy relaxing in the shade, especially on weekend days. On a clear day, visitors can watch the panorama that extends to Koh Yao Yai, while clouds float away silently in the sky, and listen to the sounds of the sea and cicadas.  It feels as though time has stopped here.

10. Pak Phra Beach

Pak Phra Beach is another unknown beach in Phuket. It is the last beach in the north of the Island, located exactly in the left side of the Sarasin Bridge. Sarasin Bridge connects Phuket Island to the mainland. This deserted beach is not easy to find because it’s far from everything. By the way, it’s great for swimming during the low season or rainy season, but be always careful. Just near to the beach there is one of the Best Local Thai restaurant: Rimpan Seafood.

11. Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach is a quiet beach located near Rawai, in the very south of Phuket. It’s a little hidden gem with white soft sand and clear waters. The beach is known as one of the best beaches for swimming in the low season or rainy season in Phuket. Surprisingly, there are no waves, so it’s safe for swimming, but use always your common sense! Unfortunately, the access to Laem Ka Beach has been closed on June 2018.

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Map of Phuket Beaches for Low Season